12 Actionable Tips For Those Working In IT

it career advice

Working in IT is one of the best career options one can make, if he/she is talented and passionate about this field. When you are an IT expert, it is far easier to find a job than people with other professions, but even so, you need to take a few thinks into consideration if you want to make your path smoother and get the best out of this career choice.

  • Network with people in your industry. IT is a fast developing area, and your fellows working in the same domain can inspire you to try new things. More than this, knowing people who work in IT will also help you find jobs easier. Social skills are important too, apart from being technically strong.
  • Never reject new technologies. There are dozens of examples in history when the conservative has said no to a new technology just to see later that it became mainstream and they lost the chance of launching it. New technologies are usually not created to satisfy pre-existing needs, but to create new ones. Think how that new technology can help.
  • Learn from your mistakes instead of letting them bring you down.
  • Never rest on your laurels. All that you know today will not be enough tomorrow, so be open to new things and get familiar with the latest trends.
  • Develop your communication skills. IT people have a bad reputation of not communicating well with non-technical people. Remember that these nescient people may be the final beneficiaries of your work or that getting a new job may depend on someone who is an outsider. Learn how to present your project to non-IT people.
  • Never linger in your comfort zone. Learning new things can be quite a fuss sometimes, but only this way you will be able to improve your skills. Add a new skill each week.
  • Set realistic, attainable goals and divide them into objectives you struggle to reach.
  • Write a strong resume joined by a portfolio.
  • Promote yourself through personal branding.
  • Apart from showing a professional personal image, be nice, too.
  • Choose an area which has emerged rather recently and which is developing at a fast speed, like cloud computing.
  • Be sure that you really love what you do and good results will eventually appear.